Julkaisut 2016

A Comparison of Rule-based Analysis with Regression Methods in Understanding the Risk Factors for Study Withdrawal in a Pediatric Study.
Haghighi M, Johnson SB, Qian X, Lynch KF, Vehik K, Huang S, TEDDY Study Group
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Association of Early Exposure of Probiotics and Islet Autoimmunity in the TEDDY Study.
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JAMA Pediatr
Complement gene variants in relation to autoantibodies to beta cell specific antigens and type 1 diabetes in the TEDDY Study.
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Sci Rep.
Dietary intake of soluble fiber and risk of islet autoimmunity by 5 y of age: results from the TEDDY study
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Am J Clin Nutr
Effects of Gluten Intake on Risk of Celiac Disease: A Case-Control Study on a Swedish Birth Cohort
Andrén Aronsson C, Lee HS, Koletzko S, Uusitalo U, Yang J, Virtanen SM, Liu E, Lernmark Å, Norris JM, Agardh D, TEDDY Study Group
Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol
Factors associated with longitudinal food record compliance in a paediatric cohort study
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Genetic susceptibility to type 1 diabetes in childhood – estimation of HLA class II associated disease risk and class II effect in various phases of islet autoimmunity
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Pediatr Diabetes
Growth and Risk for Islet Autoimmunity and Progression to Type 1 Diabetes in Early Childhood: The Environmental Determinants of Diabetes in the Young Study.
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Identification of Non-HLA Genes Associated with Celiac Disease and Country-Specific Differences in a Large, International Pediatric Cohort.
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Maternal dietary folate, folic acid and vitamin D intakes during pregnancy and lactation and the risk of cows’ milk allergy in the offspring
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Participant Experiences in the Environmental Determinants of Diabetes in the Young Study: Common Reasons for Withdrawing.
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Predicting Later Study Withdrawal in Participants Active in a Longitudinal Birth Cohort Study for 1 Year: The TEDDY Study
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Reversion of β-Cell Autoimmunity Changes Risk of Type 1 Diabetes: TEDDY Study.
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Diabetes Care