Proposal for Collaboration with DIPP Study

DIPP study carries out active collaboration with several research groups and other partners. These collaboration studies have covered various kinds of topics including the mechanisms of beta-cell damage, the autoimmune process, genetic and environmental factors contributing to the disease pathogenesis as well as clinical trials aiming at developing effective prevention and new treatments for type 1 diabetes (T1D).

DIPP study has screened more than 200 000 newborns for genetic risk of T1D and about 17 000 children have participated in the follow-up that includes regular visits, interviews and collection of various kinds of biological samples until the age of 15 or diagnosis of T1D. The recruitment started in 1994 and is still continuing constituting a data and sample repository of dynamic birth cohort that includes a large number of children at different stages of the disease process.

DIPP study welcomes proposals for collaboration studies to facilitate the international research efforts aiming at identification of causes of T1D and developing prevention and better treatments for the disease. The collaboration studies can include various kinds of studies covering e.g. analyses of the clinical samples and/or the data collected in the DIPP study as well as clinical trials.

Academic and/or industry investigators interested in collaboration studies are advised to fill in the collaboration study proposal form which is available here. Collaboration study proposals will be reviewed by the DIPP steering committee according to the priorities of the DIPP study and DIPP sample prioritization policy. DIPP study may also use external advisors to evaluate proposals. Accepted proposals will be invited to a more detailed planning process to design the details of the study in collaboration with the DIPP steering committee. Contact professor Riitta Veijola (riitta.veijola(at) for questions or to express interest in collaborating with DIPP study.